The Advantages of a Sliding Garage Door

Are sliding garage doors actually better than standard roll-up garage doors? For you, they might be.

When we think of garage door styles, we think of the kind that gets pulled along the ceiling by a garage door opener. But if you are trying to find the door that’s best for your home, you should consider investing in a sliding garage door. Below are a few of the amazing advantages that make owning a sliding garage door a must.

Customized Sliding Garage Doors to Fit Your Style and Needs

Unlike regular garage doors, sliding garage doors offer a wide variety of customization options. From windows to woodwork, you can order the garage door that’s perfect for your home. With custom garage doors, you can finally pick the garage door that is built for your home.

A Colorado homeowner choosing a custom, wooden, sliding garage door to showcase their home.

Sliding garage doors are also excellent for families looking for a quieter motor. Because these doors operate using a horizontal track, less force is required by the motor to move them. Less weight on the motor means less noise produced.

Sliding Garage Doors Operate Easily Both Manually and Electronically

The greatest benefit to buying a sliding garage door is that it can be opened and closed without electricity. Since a standard garage door requires a pulling mechanism, the door cannot open unless the garage door opener is functional. The opposite is true for sliding garage doors. With horizontal tracks, a homeowner can manually open a sliding garage door with very little force. Fortunately, this feature is only necessary when the power fails. Normally, sliding garage doors can open automatically with their quieter motors.

If you are on the fence about whether to sliding garage door or not, you should contact a Colorado Overhead Door Company professional. All of our experts are able to offer you their years of knowledge and experience to help you with your decision. For those who know they want to buy a sliding garage door, call for a free estimate today. 


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