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Commercial garage doors

When your line of work requires the use of specialised doors Colorado Overhead Door Company offers the best in Commercial and Industrial doors As an Amarr master dealer, we are able to offer our clients the highest quality in commercial doors. Amarr is considered to be one of the leading designer and manufacturers of garage doors for all types of businesses. They distribute and design […]

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Garage Door Winter Maintenance Tips

Our garage door is one of the many comforts we do not really notice until it is not working properly. Why wait until your garage door is making some awful noise or it stops working all together? With the proper preventive maintenance your garage door can last many many years. The same goes for all […]

Commercial Garage Door Repair & Instalation in Denver

Full view aluminum door

At Colorado Overhead Door, we offer a wide range of commercial garage door services, including high quality replacement work.  We can also repair any broken or damaged garage door openers, replace hinges and rollers and repair any individual sections of a door. Want to make sure your door is completely balanced and tuned? We can do that for […]