When you require extra toughness, count on COHDs

Roll up steel door

Colorado Overhead Door Co. offers all sorts of options for those looking to purchase garage doors in Denver and the surrounding area, and with so many choices, it is always nice to hear what the professionals have to say about their products. Metal Garage Doors & Their Advantages Opposed to wood, metal is a very […]

Sleep Safe And Sound With Colorado Overhead Door Co.

Clopay Reserve Slide garage door

There is nothing more important than the safety and well-being of your family and loved ones. At Colorado Overhead Door Co. we understand this since our beginning. That is why customers and their families are our number one priority. We understand that a high-quality garage door can make the difference in your home or business’s security. According […]

I Can’t Get Into My Garage Again! Help!

benefits of a garage door with windows

When our garage door stops working our everyday life seems to lose its balance. All our chores and tasks seem to be altered because our garage door stopped working. A simple task such as bringing in the groceries becomes a challenge if we can’t access the garage and straight to the kitchen. Many times we […]

Having Garage Door Problems in Denver?

insultated garage door

Colorado Overhead Doors offers premium garage door repair services in Denver and the Front Range You may not think of this too often, buy your old garage door needs some attention and care from time to time. Why? Because it is your home’s largest entryway and it is very often the focal point of a […]

Make Your Garage More Pet Friendly

Avoiding Garage Door Damage

Your dog is a part of your family, and it doesn’t matter if they sleep indoors or outdoors, you want them to be comfortable and well taken care of. Outdoor pets need shelter, and many Denver garage owners will set up a small area for their dog to sleep inside. This not only puts a […]

Make the most of your business with the correct garage door

Premium Commercial Garage Doors

Starting a new commercial project or business is never easy During the first months, the amount of money invested is usually higher than the one expected. Therefore, good management of human and/or technological resources and capital is essential to reach success. Nonetheless, these factors won’t do any good without the correct infrastructure for your business […]

Get ready for Spring and fix your Garage Door

Avoiding Garage Door Damage

With Spring around the corner, we all want to be able to spend most of the time outdoors as possible. And let’s face it – our garage is where we store most of the gear we use to enjoy the outdoors. So why not do yourself a favor. Replace or repair that old garage door, […]