The Advantages of a Sliding Garage Door

Commercial Garage Doors

Are sliding garage doors actually better than standard roll-up garage doors? For you, they might be. When we think of garage door styles, we think of the kind that gets pulled along the ceiling by a garage door opener. But if you are trying to find the door that’s best for your home, you should […]

How to Improve the Security of Your Garage Door

For most, the weak point of their home security is their garage door. But this shouldn’t be the case. There are tons of easy ways you can get secure garage doors without it costing you an arm and a leg. If you aren’t sure how, here are two ways you can improve the security of […]

Common Reasons Why Your Garage Door Opener Isn’t Working

Reconnecting Your Garage Door Opener

That last thing anyone wants after a long day of work is for their garage door opener to stop working. Like all electronics, garage door openers can be finicky, especially for older models. Fortunately, most garage door opener problems don’t require a lot of effort or money to fix. Often, the solution comes down to […]

Features to Look For in a Garage Door Opener

Steel Garage Doors

Technology is constantly evolving, and garage door openers are no different. People are consistently upgrading every aspect of how they live, and then this can leave some folks behind. If you have never purchased a garage door opener before, you might not know what its standard features are. This can be overwhelming and make some […]

4 Reasons You Need to Hire a Professional to Repair Your Garage Door

double garage

Have you ever had to experiment with garage door repairs? If you have, you know how complicated they can be. Beyond just being complicated, without the proper knowledge or tools, you risk making the problem worse–and even injuring yourself in the process. This is why it’s almost always better to hire a professional garage door […]

Benefits of a Custom Wood Garage Door for Your Home or Business

barn wood

There’s something elegant about custom wood garage doors, especially when they’re matched to your home’s style. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with aluminum garage doors or any other kind of specialty garage doors, wooden garage doors, in particular, come with a number of unique benefits. To understand what these benefits are and why you stand […]

Protecting Your Wooden Garage Door From Winter Weather Damage

Winter Damage on Your Garage Door

Wooden garage doors are great for a lot of things, namely, customization, elegance, and increasing the curb appeal of your home. One thing they’re not great for, however, is withstanding the blistering cold months of winter. Whereas other materials can put up with snow and moisture a little better, wood has a more difficult time […]

Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors

Have you noticed that your electric bill is soaring lately? Or simply that you pay more for utilities on a monthly basis than you think you should be paying? If either of these scenarios describes you, there’s a good chance that poorly-insulated garage doors are the problem Keep reading below to understand all of the […]

The Most Secure Type of Commercial Garage Doors

There is secure, and then there are steel garage doors that offer an unrivaled level of security. Where wooden garage doors thrive in customization and improving curb appeal, steel garage doors thrive in keeping whatever’s inside of your garage safe and secure. What makes steel garage doors so secure? Let’s take a look below! Steel […]

Benefits of Full View Aluminium Doors for Your Business

While most people know it’s important to have a high-quality garage door at home, many forget to consider commercial garage doors for their business. It is very important for businesses to make sure that they have a garage door that is dependable and secure so that their customers will feel confident and comfortable. If you’re […]