Common Causes of Garage Door Damage

Whether you have recently invested in a new Front Range garage door system or want to continue maintaining the system you have been using for years; there are many different causes of garage door damage. These effective systems are designed to perfectly fit your space, meaning that there is a small margin for error when components are physically stressed. Here are some of the major culprits you need to be aware of regarding garage door damage that requires professional servicing.

Weather Related Damage

As you well know, Colorado experiences some pretty wild weather over the course of a calendar year. The hot summer months bring strong winds and powerful storms, while the winter is accompanied by large snowfalls and other potentially dangerous weather patterns. When it comes to causes of garage door damage, here are some of the more significant culprits:

  • Strong winds that blow debris
  • Hail and rainfall
  • Heavy snow and ice buildup

Garage Damage From Misuse

Repairing a Garage Door requires professional tools, knowledge, and training.

No list of the common causes of garage door damage is complete without acknowledging the impact that simple misuse has on the performance of these front-range door systems. People often damage their doors when attempting to park on the driveway or pull cars into and out of the garage. Here are some of the other common issues that people inflict on their garage door systems:

  • Manually closing automatic doors
  • Attempting to force a stuck door
  • Storing items too close to the track, spring, or motor
  • Damaging the panels during games of road hockey or basketball
  • Many, many more


If you are concerned that your garage door system may be damaged due to misuse or bad weather, reach out to the professionals at Colorado Overhead Door Company professionals today. We have extensive experience with repairing residential doors and are happy to provide a free estimate on our services!

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