Differences between commercial & residential garage doors

Understanding the differences

When considering investing in a new garage door – or replacement – it is essential to identify the characteristics of a traditional residential door and a typical commercial door. Nowadays, with the constant expansion of cities and many of us wanting to live closer to work, considering a commercial style door for a loft or studio apartment might be a logical choice.

Efficiency vs. aesthetics

The main difference between these two doors is the size. But, there are other elements that set them apart as shown in the table below:

Door type Commercial Residential
Construction materials typically only made from galvanized steel or aluminum available in a wide variety of materials including wood, fiberglass, steel, aluminum, and composites
Purpose work more efficiently and stands rigorous usage look good and perform well
Uses engineered to ornate private residences engineered for warehouses and industrial type buildings

Commercial garage doors are built to a larger size because industrial type buildings typically need taller doors for unloading and loading supplies. In addition, they are more costly and less aesthetically pleasing than residential doors, ie.e they appear more industrial.  While you can spruce up their look by adding aftermarket features like glass panels, you are still going to be very limited in the choices that you are presented with.

Wood Composite - Traditional Collection by Amarr
Residential garage door: Wood Composite – Traditional Collection by Amarr

Residential garage doors are usually 7 ft. in height, yet you may find shorter and taller presentations. Take into account that while these doors are as strong as commercial doors, they are not made to be opened dozens of times every day. The bottom line is that they are not available in the ideal size that will accommodate huge trailers, big trucks, and heavy equipment.

It is important to highlight that in some ways both doors are very similar: They are built following the same specifications, and they serve the purpose of protecting vehicles and important stored items.


Find the door that best suits your needs

residential garage door

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