Getting your garage door ready for the coldest months

As the days keep getting colder, we are been reminded that it is time to start winterizing everything important to keep safe and functional. During winter, a lot of things can go wrong around the house, especially those that are daily used and make our life easier, and this definitely includes your garage door.

This is the perfect time to go over your overhead garage door system and run a preventive routine inspection, searching for damages, dysfunctional parts or any sign of wear and tear. Nevertheless, sometimes things are beyond repair and you just have to bite the bullet and purchase a replacement. This is why it is important for homeowners to understand the basics of your garage door system and its parts, in order to be able to identify serious issues and the best way to repair, replace or simply to upgrade it.

Cold weather common garage door issues

Garage door maintenance.
It is important to repair, restore or replace your garage door before the winter arrives. SONY DSC

Don’t wait until your garage door suddenly stops working or leave you locked inside or outside your home. It is important to take time and go over your entire garage door system. During winter’s cold days, metal gets contracted and pieces can break or bend during this reaction. Pay attention to screws and springs. Make sure that the weight of the door is well balanced. If you notice any broken spring, don’t try to replace it yourself, hire a professional to help with the task.

Check your weather stripping. The weather stripping helps to keep your home insulated and consequentially a low energy bill. When water freezes near the closed garage door, the weather stripping may get stuck to the ground, and when the door is raised, it might be torn off. To avoid this, keep the area in front of your garage door clear of any snow or water puddles to protect your weather stripping.

Replacing or repairing your garage door

Depending on the issue, damage level and how quickly was it attended, it will determine if you require to repair or replace your garage door system. Most of the electrical and mechanical issues can be easily repaired when caught before they become serious and expensive problems. Some garage door issues also allow replacing just a portion of the door or just the faulty panel. However, it requires expertise, knowledge, training and skills in order to be able to know which is the best approach and how to work it.

Contact Colorado Overhead Doors today and get your garage door and home ready to face the coldest months of the year.

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