Does a garage add value to your house?

When planning to put your house on the market or looking to refinance your mortgage, it is in the owners best interest to do what they can to increase the value of their home. While there are many ways to do so, one of the most efficient ways to add square footage and appeal to your home is add a garage.

Increase your homes value by 60%

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In today’s market garages are seen as an attractive option to potential buyers, and having one could be the tiny factor that pushes your home above the rest. Features, such as custom wooden doors, can also help accentuate the architecture and style of your home and give it a natural look.

While this is an investment that does require both time and money, recent market research does reflect the benefits received by those who decide to have a new garage installed. Test are showing that garage additions tend to hold close to 64% of their value, meaning that those who invest $40,000 on a garage can expect it to add $25,600 to the value of their home.

Other benefits of adding a garage door

Aside from the added property value, garages also serve many other useful functions. As most vendors offer them in all shapes and sizes, you can protect as many vehicles as you need from the natural elements, as well as use it for storage. Depending on the owner, the new addition can become your own auto shop, carpentry center, storage unit or sporting goods store. The options are endless, and given the fact that garage repair and maintenance is rather simple, it should be a hassle free investment. Just like a home, garages tend to take on the personalities of their owners.

Add value to your current garage

For those that have already installed a garage, why not give it a face lift? There are many inexpensive ways to improve the functionality of your garage all while adding to it’s value. New doors can be found in any price bracket, and the professionals at Colorado Overhead Door Company can help you select the perfect match for your home.

Home additions are usually an expensive venture, as kitchen renovation, new bathrooms and master suite redesigns cost tens of thousands of dollars. It is true that each of these are proven to add value, but you might be surprised to learn that when broken down, percentages claim that a new garage door adds more dollar to dollar value than the common renovations mentioned above. Those looking to install a custom wooden garage door can expect their investment to retain even more value.

Style is everything, and knowing which kind of garage fits your home and location is crucial when deciding which product will best match your home. Call the experts at Colorado Overhead Door Company for a full list of options as well as a free pricing quote. They can help you find the perfect fit for you home and your lifestyle. 

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