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The Denver, Colorado garage door repair and installation team at Colorado Overhead Door Company has laid out a list of the things you will likely need to do before your former garage space is able to house someone.

 Transform Your Garage into a Living Space

Chances are, your garage door was built to meet the Colorado building codes. These building and zoning regulations are most likely different from the ones required for your home, so you will need to contact a contractor who has extensive of these restrictions and has the experience needed to pull off the job.

Garage Insulation

The thin walls of your garage mean that regulating the inside temperature can become an issue. Colorado’s winter weather will require Denver garage owners to heavily insulate their garages if they will indeed be converted into living space.garages are not only for cars

Damp Proofing Your Garage

To keep outside moistures from entering the room, damp proofing will be required for all floors and walls of the garage. This process uses a damp proof membrane to be placed between two layers of the wall to prevent moisture from finding its way inside. While this process is now included in most Denver installations, you will want to be certain before advancing with your build. This process will also need to be administered to the floor.

Installing Plumbing & Wiring to Your GarageInstall a garage door in Denver

Both an electrician and a plumber can give you insight to where the best locations to fixtures would likely be, and in the case of external garages, new water pipes might be needed. Again, consult a professional for this step of the process, as they are best suited to make suggestions in this area.

Selecting the Flooring & Walls

Your garage floor should be structurally sound, but as mentioned above, damp proofing will be required. Homeowners will need to assess the climate in their location when aiming to determine how much insulation is needed for their project. Given the constant changing requirements for insulating a home, it could be a smart move to go with extra insulation, as it could be a desirable feature for a potential buyer in the future.

Decorate and Enjoy

Once your new room is structurally sound, insulated from the cold and meets all dampness requirements you can begin to treat it like any other in your home. Not only have you greatly increased the size of your home, but you have also increased the number of bedrooms and possibly baths as well. All of these changes can easily help make a home more desirable on the market, and they time and energy could pay off greatly in the future.

Should you plan on building a new garage, call Denver’s garage door leaders today for a free pricing quote.

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