Have you heard about garage door insulation?

The role of insulation

Thermal insulation is a general term used to describe products that reduce heat loss or heat gain by providing a barrier between areas that are significantly different in temperature. There are several items at home that benefit from insulation – such as central heating boilers, hot water pipes, and your garage space– however, a house or building needs some extra help to make them more energy efficient. Therefore, a good thermal insulation reduces the expenses for heating and cooling during different seasons.

Insulation advantages

A garage door opening is perhaps the largest moving object in your home. Insulated doors will help to reduce the transfer of heat or cold air onto your garage. Many advantages make garage door insulation relevant for your home and buildings:

  1. garage door insulation
    Heat Leak Detection with Infrared Camera

    Reduce air transfer: If your garage is attached to your home, the air in the garage can travel through the doorway to your living area.  An insulated gate will reduce the transfer of air from the outside to the inside. Also, if your garage is below another room in your home, air can travel through the ceiling of the garage into the floor of the room above. Insulation will keep temperatures in the garage reasonably stable to reduce the temperature fluctuation in the room above.

  2. Regulates temperature: If you use your garage as a workshop, your comfort will be a top priority. Insulating the door will help keep the temperature in the garage within a narrower temperature range as compared to the extreme range of the outside temperature.
  3. Reduce Noise: A well-insulated garage also blocks out a lot of noise from either direction. If you’re doing noisy work in the garage, you won’t have to worry about it bothering people inside your house. Likewise, insulation will keep your garage quieter if there is a lot of outside noise in your neighborhood.
  4. Better vehicle performance in the morning: Some vehicles can be hard to start in the morning in freezing temperatures. Moreover, it is not good for your engine to start that cold. Since insulated garages regulate the temperature, it can lead to smoother car startup in the morning and less time waiting for it to warm up.

Denver Colorado garage door specialist

Commercial steel door
Commercial steel door

At Colorado Overhead Door Co., we believe in putting the customer first. For more than three decades, we have been serving residents throughout the Front Range and strive to be known as the Denver garage door experts. We are here to open garage doors for all of Denver! We put the priority on keeping our garage door prices affordable, offering services and a wide selection of products to match any budget. Whether you need an insulated gate or a non-insulated door, call for a free garage door estimate (303) 776-DOOR (3667).

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