How to Select the Best Commercial Garage Door for Your Business

When your business has a rickety old garage door, there is a point where replacing is the smarter option rather than getting more commercial garage door service done on it. But the question remains, which type of door do you get? There are so many options out there that choosing the best one is not always an easy thing to do. That’s why you need to read through this guide on how to successfully wade through the field of commercial garage doors in order to find the best one.

Why Overhead Doors Are the Best

For many companies, overhead doors are going to be the best choice. These handy doors are lifted up along a track that makes them horizontal to the ceiling. Depending on the size of the doors, they could either be manual or automatic, although most businesses choose to go with the more convenient automatic option.

New Garage Door
Roll up doors are able to help maximize the amount of interior space that can be used.

Why Roll Up Doors Are the Best

Although commercial roll up doors are also raised up, they do so in a much different way than overhead doors. This is because these commercial garage doors are made up of small and thin slats that allow the door to roll into a single coil. This makes them beneficial for large warehouses where it is not a feasible option to install rails for an overhead door to sit.

Why Scissor Gates Are the Best

If you are looking for something a little different, then you can always go with some scissor gates doors instead. These unique commercial garage doors are able to open from side to side rather than lifting upwards. Often made of high-quality steel, these doors provide excellent protection and are ideally suited for use on garages or any other external entry point.

Once you figure out which of these commercial garage doors works best for your business, make sure that you contact us at Colorado Overhead Door Company to get your dream door installed as effortlessly as possible. 

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