Improve Your Garage Door to Save Energy

Garage Improvements to Save Money on Energy Bills

Many homeowners in Colorado tend to have a rise in their energy bills during the coldest months of the year and the sweltering months of summer. However, it does not have to be that way. Today, our experts in garage doors have brought you four improvements that will save you money in energy costs.

Garage Door InsulationInsulation

Insulate the windows inside the garage to help keep the heat or cool air indoors, depending on the season. You can also install energy-efficient windows for your garage door.

Seal Cracks

Eliminate any cracks along the foundation of the garage. Use concrete filler or caulking to seal them. Always make sure the roof has no cracks or leaks.

Replace the Weather Stripping

The weatherstripping is installed to block air exchange. If this critical accessory is damaged or loose, you may want to fix or replace it to make your garage door even more energy-efficient.

Install a New Garage DoorGarage Improvements to Money on Energy Bills

If the budget is not a barrier, there are garage doors in the market that come with insulation. Make sure to contact a reliable garage door contractor so they can help you select the right R-value garage door to cut down on your energy costs.

Don’t let your garage door be the culprit of energy waste. Invest some time on these improvements to stop cooled or heated air from escaping, using more energy during extreme weather.

Need a New Garage Door in Colorado?

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