LiftMaster Garage Door Openers in Denver

We carry a wide range of LiftMaster garage door openers, providing optimal power and quiet comfort and efficiency

At Colorado Overhead Door in Denver, we know how important it is to trust your garage door opener, which is why we offer a wide range of automatic door openers for residential and commercial customers, from one of the most respected garage door opener manufacturers in the industry.

Liftmaster brand sold by Colorado Overhead Doors

We provide powerful, durable LiftMaster automatic door openers designed for optimal performance. Some of their professional line models we can install include:

  • Liftmaster 8355 (1/2 hp belt driven)
  • Liftmaster 8500 (residential jackshaft opener)
  • Liftmaster 3265 (1/2 hp chain driven)
  • Liftmaster 3240 (1/2 hp premium screw drive)

Why choose LiftMaster for your Denver home or business?

LiftMaster openers in Denver

For over 45 years, LiftMaster has led the industry in safety, quality, and innovation. When the first LiftMaster Garage Door Openers were manufactured, the garage door opener was considered a luxury. Now, over 70% of homeowners use the garage door as the primary point of entry into their homes.

LiftMaster has played a vital role in building a universal demand for this indispensable home appliance, and they continue to design products that make home access easier and put you in control of how you come and go.

MyQ® Technology

This great feature lets you know what’s going on at home by connecting to your smartphone, tablet or computer. From garage door openers, commercial door operators, gate operators, access control systems and accessories, there is a full range of products that can help you monitor and control your garage door or gate even if you don’t have a LiftMaster.

LiftMaster in Denver

P3 Motors™

You can rely upon the durable and powerful P3 Motors™. Each one is specially designed to provide maximum performance for your chosen application so you can count on your door or gate to open quickly and safely every time.

Battery Backup

Lets you go on your property and into your garage even when the power is out. Paired with their ultra-efficient power management system, their Garage Door Openers and Operators have the longest standby time available on the market.


Our goal is to help you select a garage door opener that fits your specific needs. So if you like to receive an honest, fast, clean and courteous customer service, then we are the company you need to install or repair your commercial or residential garage door opener in Denver.

Just give us a call, visit our shop or contact us through our website and let’s talk about your needs. We are well known for exceeding our customer’s expectations and we don’t want you to be the exception!

Call for a FREE Garage Door Estimate at (303) 776-DOOR (3667)!

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