Making Your Garage Door More Secure Part 1

Tips to Ensure Your Garage Door is Secure

Garage door security is critical for the integrity of your family, home, and the belongings inside of it. For this reason, our experts in garage doors have put together a list of tips you can follow to make your garage door more secure.

Interrupt the View Through Your Windows

Make Your Garage Door More SecureWhen thieves can see into your garage, they are more likely to try to break in. If you have windows in your garage door, install shades to prevent anyone from peeking inside, or use frosted spray paint to increase privacy. Choose frosted windows over transparent windows. Another good idea is to tint the windows to achieve the same effect.

If you are planning on getting windows for your current garage door, we recommend homeowners to install them at the top of the garage door to prevent such visibility.

Set-Up a Timer

A timer is your best ally when it comes to the security of your garage door. With a timer, you do not have to worry about forgetting that you have left the door open. If you have one of the latest models of garage door openers, set up the internal timer to close the door a preset number of minutes after the door is opened. That can help give you peace of mind that the door will always be closed when the house is empty.

Use Door Locks

If you are going on vacation, it is highly suggested to put a padlock clamped on one of the door tracks so it will stay closed securely.

Stay tuned for more tips on making your garage door more secure.

Looking for Garage Door Security Features?

Whether you need a garage door with frosted windows, garage door locks, or timers, Colorado Overhead Doors can help. We have all it takes to make sure your garage door will be safe from potential intruders. Call us at (720) 730-3770 to speak with one of our garage door experts in Colorado.garage door experts in Colorado

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