Garage Door Repair or Garage Door Replacement?

Sometimes things are beyond repair and you just have to bite the bullet and purchase a replacement. The same can be said when working with garage doors, as both time and weather can cause permanent damage. As a homeowner, it is beneficial for you to know and understand the parts of your garage to help you better understand which sections can be replaced, repaired or upgraded.

The team at Colorado Overhead Door Company specializes in helping you make these decisions, and they are proud to lead the market for garage doors in Denver and surrounding areas. They have come up with a short list to help you decide when it is best to repair or replace.

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Time To Replace Your Garage Door

Common reasons people decide to fully replace their garage doors tend to be cosmetic. Denver garage doors are forced to weather all kinds of climates, all of which can lead to rust and rot. Garage doors have come a long way in design, and many older doors are either warped or damaged. These are not the kind of repairs that a fresh coat of paint or putty will repair, so a replacement garage door will be in order.

The same elements that can damage your garage door can also have its tear on your springs and tracks, so be sure to check these regularly to ensure that your garage is at its optimal performing level. If you find that any of these parts are in need of replacement, call Denver’s leading garage repair technicians at COHDCO and they will help you select and install the popper replacement parts.

Garage Repair Should Do The Trick

Garage Door Repair in DenverHas your garage door suddenly stopped working? As bad as this may seem, it usually means that you have a faulty part that needs to be replaced. Garage door openers can become faulty from time to time, so be sure to call a technician before deciding to replace the entire unit.

Some garage doors are paneled, allowing you to replace only the damaged section rather than buying an entire door. Sometimes, you can even change the material of the panels to something that better fits your desires. Custom Wooden garage doors can help to add a more rustic look to your home, and COHDCO takes pride in the fact that they offer the finest custom garage doors in Denver.

In the case that your garage door has begun to feel heavy, you could simply have a balancing issue, and this is also a problem that a member of Colorado Overhead Door Company’s garage repair team could easily fix.

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