Selecting the Best Garage Door Opener

When you run into an issue with your garage door opener, you’ll need to get a professional to help repair it. But if the garage opener repair estimate ends up being too much, then it might make more sense to simply get an entirely new opener system. But which one should you go with? There are a lot of different options out there so here is a detailed guide on how to make sure that you pick the best garage door opener every time.

Chain-Drives Are the Most Affordable

If you are looking for an affordable opener, then closing a chain-drive might be the best option. These incredibly durable but also fairly noisy openers are able to support extremely heavy garage doors and tend to have the lowest total garage door opener installation cost.

Belt-Drives Are Quiet

If noise is a big deal to you, then you’ll want to go with a belt-drive opener. These rubber components rather than metal, which makes sure that they are able to raise and lower the overhead garage door while making minimal sounds.

Genie Garage Door Openers
The installation cost and possible repair costs will greatly vary from model to model.

Screw-Drives Require Little Maintenance

By choosing a screw-drive garage door opener, you’ll get the benefit of experiencing less noise than a chain-drive opener. And the fewer number of parts means that it will also need less maintenance than other opener types.

Direct-Drives Are Middle of the Road

If you want to receive benefits from both chain-drive and belt-drive openers, then your best bet is to go with a direct-drive opener. These offer more durability than some other models and also have a quieter operation than chain-drive openers. And the garage door opener installation cost for direct-drives is also the middle of the road for most models.

Regardless of which of these models you decided to go with, you’ll want to be sure to upgrade them to a smart garage door opener to make using your garage even more efficient. When you’re ready for your new garage door opener, make sure to contact us at Colorado Overhead Door Company.

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