Sleep Safe And Sound With Colorado Overhead Door Co.

protect from insecuritiesThere is nothing more important than the safety and well-being of your family and loved ones. At Colorado Overhead Door Co. we understand this since our beginning. That is why customers and their families are our number one priority.

We understand that a high-quality garage door can make the difference in your home or business’s security.

According to the Colorado Department of Public Safety, in 2016, a total of 23,515 burglaries were reported by law enforcement agencies in Colorado, a 0.8% increase from 2015.

The Governmental Department reported that a 49.6% of the cases where forced entry burglaries.

Non-forced entry burglaries accounted for 42.5%, and a 7.9% of the burglaries reported were just attempted.

As for motor vehicle thefts, a total of 19,430 cases were reported by law enforcement agencies in Colorado, which shows a 22.0% increase in motor vehicle thefts from 2015.

Facing this reality, we need to do everything we can to keep our family and home as safe as possible.

Safety and family

By implementing a strong, durable garage door together with a high-tech opening system, you will be able to reduce the risk of an unwanted entry.

For more than three decades the Colorado Overhead Door CO. has distinguished from the rest by developing and working with the best materials, brands, products, equipment and licensed professionals.

Allow us to help you in providing an elegant, safe and secure environment for your family.

Avoid becoming a statistic with an Overhead Door Secure Opener System

In Colorado Overhead Door Company, we carry a wide variety of logic boards, remotes, keypads, and wireless keyless entry systems.

All products are the best in the market, with very affordable prices for your convenience.

Our licensed professional employees can help you, choosing the correct control panel or access control system, to provide all the security conditions you need for your home or business.Genie Garage Door Opener

By taking into consideration your: Budget, Home Style, Personal Preferences and Security, we are able to give you a personalized solution to your particular need.

Give that touch of elegance and style you always wanted to your house, feeling confident that you and your family are well protected by the best overhead garage door systems.

Contact us at any time for a free estimate and close your overhead garage door to crime.

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