Garage door installation: Consider hiring a contractor

Install a garage door in Denver

Do-it-yourself (D.I.Y.) or hiring a contractor? There are many things to consider before having a new garage door installed – even repaired or replaced – and one of the most important is whether it’s convenient and more economical to do this by yourself or to hire a company to perform the work. Many people opt […]

WHAT? The garage door opened by itself?

Garage Door Industry 

Maybe you have experienced returning from vacation to find your garage door open! It is an indescribable awful feeling, not knowing how long, or why this happened? Or the alarming surprise of waking up the next morning, after arriving late at night from work, just to find the same scenario! And you were pretty sure you closed […]

Garage Door Operation During a Power Outage

Don't get stuck in or out of your garage during power outage

What a great feeling is to arrive home, late after a hard day’s work knowing you’re just a click away from the remote button, away from your home’s cozy warmth. This can be especially annoying if it is cold or raining outside. Suddenly, all your good humor disappears! A power outage! Relax, there is no need to […]

Differences between commercial & residential garage doors

Commercial Garage Doors

Understanding the differences When considering investing in a new garage door – or replacement – it is essential to identify the characteristics of a traditional residential door and a typical commercial door. Nowadays, with the constant expansion of cities and many of us wanting to live closer to work, considering a commercial style door for […]

Stop Dogs Peeing On Your Garage Door!

Denver Colorado Garage Door Experts

Life is full of surprises. Some are amazing and some are, well, unpleasant. Maybe you are one of those unfortunate Denver citizens. Who carelessly arrived at their garage and notices a nasty, repugnant smell. Something similar to pee but, can it be that? It can’t be pee! You don’t own a dog. And, most certainly neither you […]

Garage Door Remote Control Cares and Failures

Colorado’s garage doors

Today, most of the electronics manufacturers design remote controls in response to their customers’ needs. Garage door remote controls are no different. These little gadgets are small, neat, convenient and above all, unquestionably useful. Many of us, use the remote control as the key to our house. It is quite convenient. Just push a button […]

Garage Doors and Children Safety

Garage Door Functionality and Children Safety

During summer vacations many families make most of the day – relaxing. A chance to recover from all the stress and hard work done through the year. Some may work on home improvements, or on their garden or on rearranging the garage. As schools are out and the house is full of kids again, the […]

Do you Know When to Replace your Garage Door?

Custom Wood Door in Denver Colorado

Usually, it’s pretty hard to tell when your garage door needs some minor repairs or an urgent replacement. To know, you must pay attention to any deterioration signs on your garage door. If your door does not operate smoothly or function at all, the door is a potential hazard. Here are some tips that can help you determine how […]

Looking to Build Up? Colorado Overhead Door Co. Can Help

Garage Doors

Installing a garage door or simply deciding to repair the garage you already have can easily add value to your home. While most people choose to install a garage for the sole purpose of protecting their cars from the elements, there are a few ways that homeowners can get more out of their investment. The […]

How to Reconnect a Garage Door Opener After a Power Outage

Garage Door Opener Issues

Reattaching the Door When Power Returns During a power outage, you can manually open and close your garage door. The release cord, usually red, on the garage door arm, opens the trolley for you to disengage the garage door from the opener. Once the power is restored, you have to reconnect the opener to the door. Now that you know […]