The Importance of Seasonal Garage Door Maintenance

Seasonal Garage Door Maintenance

After the winter and the cold, when the spring-like weather finally comes to Denver, our moods change and cleaning starts. But truth is, some important things are left undone, in the excitement of family stuff to do (that doesn’t require all the layers,) BBQs, flowers, green…  before you get lost in your social agenda and your closet spring cleaning,  we recommend scheduling your regular garage maintenance. The cold air seems to affect almost everything. Cars get a little harder to crank in colder weather, windows, and doors can stick. Make sure your garage door hasn’t become hampered by the severe weather. Then go on and keep planning you fun stuff!

Garage Door Care Tips

There are several things you can do to make sure your garage door operates the way you need it to through the end of winter, and into spring and summer months:

Keep the garage door clean inside and out

The Importance of Seasonal Garage Door Maintenance

We recommend washing your garage door every time you wash your car. This way you won’t skip cleansing, and your gate will look great year round.

Look for broken parts and pieces

Examine the overhead door and all of the working parts so you become familiar with what you’re looking. Getting familiarized with your garage door parts will enable you to recognize wear and tear.

Tighten loose parts

Regular usage of your overhead door and garage door opener will loosen nuts and bolts over time. You can inspect them weekly to ensure they are tight and working properly.

Check the door’s balance

We suggest trying this test to check the door’s balance. Release the automatic garage door opener and open the garage door to about waist high. The door should stay in place. Otherwise, the balance is off!

Examine the garage door opener’s safety reverse

Garage Door Maintenance StepsOpen the gate completely and put a roll of paper towels on the floor in the center of the opening. Then, press the button to close it. If garage door opener’s safety reverse is working correctly, it should automatically reverse when it touches the paper towel roll.

Verify the photo eyes

Wipe the photo eyes- that stop the garage door in case of an emergency –  with a soft dry cloth to make sure they are clean. Press the button to close the garage door and wave a mop or broom in front of the eye to break the beam. The gate should automatically stop and reverse movement.

Lubricate moving parts

Make sure all parts are properly lubricated. Use a quality lubricant that is made for garage doors such as silicone lubricant spray. Avoid using grease or WD40 as they may drip onto your vehicle, the garage floor, or items you have stored in the garage.

By using the tips above, your overhead door should remain in good working condition all year round.

Don’t overlook periodical garage door care and if you need garage door repair in Denver, Colorado Overhead Doors is the way to go.

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