4 Signs You Need a New Garage Door

Nothing lasts forever. Eventually, you’re going to need to replace lots of things in your home, including your garage door. If you’ve not noticed that it’s sticking or making a strange noise every time you open it, you might be in need of a replacement. 

Signs You Need a New Door

Here are four signs indicating you might need a new garage door: 

Persistent Breakdown

Even a long-lasting garage door needs service and eventually a replacement.

If your garage door is constantly breaking, the costs of repair can easily start to accumulate. Eventually, it reaches the point where you’d be better off getting a full replacement. Breakdowns can also cause a safety risk to you and your family. 

Signs of Wear and Tear

It might be time for a new garage door if your existing door is looking worn out. Over time, your garage door gets a lot of use, and this can cause scratches, dents, and marks to appear on the metal. Not only does this not look the best, but it can decrease the value of your property. 

Outdated Appearance

Trends come and go. The style that was the ‘in thing’ back when your home was built may now look outdated. Treating your home to a new garage door will give it a modern touch, and with the current technology that is now available, a brand-new door can also boost the safety of your home. 


When you open or close your garage door only to hear an awful screeching or grinding noise, this is a sign that it’s time to get yourself a new garage door. Abnormal noises can indicate that there is something wrong with the door, especially if the noise persists after you’ve added some oil to the hinges. 

To discuss the high-quality residential service new garage doors we have available, and to get a pricing estimate, get in touch with the team here at Colorado Overhead Door today. 

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