5 easy tips to declutter your garage

Why keep your garage tidy?

We know that getting your garage organized can seem like a tedious, endless task, but remember that more than just a place to park the car, a garage is a key selling feature, so there’s an excellent reason to keep it tidy and appealing. Putting the necessary thought into organizing it is an excellent investment of time.

Also, it is where you store some of your seasonal items or equipment, so it is always a good (and practical) idea to keep it neat.

Make it a well-organized garage

After living in a home for many years, chances are, little by little, your garage has accumulated a significant amount of clutter. All this clutter easily becomes an inconvenience and a possible risk since you have to walk through your garage every day on your way to your car. That’s when you realize that perhaps it’s time to organize things.

cleaning metal door of a white parking

But where to begin?

 Today we have brought you some easy tips that are sure to make any garage easier and safer to use and enjoy.

  1. Setup time and enlist support: set aside a time to tackle the job and enlist support. Many hands work quicker than just two.
  2. Move everything out: designate space on the driveway or within the garage and divide it into four categories: Items you will donate; those you will sell; things to keep; and, items you will toss.
  3. Decide what to keep: consider recycling, donating, giving away or selling as many items as possible, you will most probably have lots of items that need to be thrown out. If you happen to come across any broken items, ask what are the chances of getting around to fixing them. Anything else is worth keeping.
  4. Disposal of items and hazardous materials: ask neighbors or friends if they would have any use of the materials you intend to toss. Donate items that are in good repair to charity. Check, check with your county for solid and hazardous waste disposal programs.
  5. Storage: If you have exciting new plans for your garage space, you may need to create functional storage spaces for those great items you choose to keep. Consider attaching space-saving systems to walls or even the ceiling. A great idea for this is to use wall-mounted storage racks to raise bicycles, recreation or sports equipment and a range of other possessions up off the ground.
Wall-mounted storage racks
Wall-mounted storage racks

By following these five steps to a clutter-free garage you will definitively accomplish tremendous change within a short period of time. In this way, you can enjoy the benefits of having a neat, clean and nicely organized garage.

Know that you have your garage space tidy you can proudly open your garage door to the world.

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