All about Garage Door Opener Systems

A garage door opener is in charge of opening and closing the garage door. Different systems are used on your garage door for this purpose. Today we want to write about the different garage door systems available so that you make a smart investment, choosing the one that best fits your needs. 

Garage Door Opener Systems

Chain Drive

With a chain attached to a metal trolley, this system makes more noise than other operators but is a very economical, durable, and dependable system. That makes it a good choice if your budget is low. 

Belt Drive

The belt drive system employs a rubber belt to open and close the garage door. It is the smoothest drive type available and very quiet when it operates. For this reason, it is one of the best garage door opener systems for residential use, but it is more expensive than the chain drive operators.

Screw Drive

The screw drive allows you to lift one-piece tilting doors. It is not as quiet as the belt drive system, but it is still very quiet. The best part is that it requires less maintenance than the chain drive system. 


Jackshaft openers mount on the wall beside your garage door, using pulleys and cables to open and close the garage door. This opener system is very durable and quiet, but it is a little bit expensive compared to the other systems. One significant advantage of this system is that it requires less space since it doesn´t need an operator’s arm that runs perpendicular to your garage door.

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