Are Garage Doors Covered by Home Insurance?

There are different types of home insurance, and not all of them cover repairs for your garage door. For that reason, it is imperative to read and understand your home policy to know what your insurance covers. 

How to Determine If Your Insurance Covers the Garage Door

Most home insurance policies consider your garage door as part of your home, but make sure to read and check what exactly is the coverage you have. If your garage door is covered, it will typically include any damage that you or your family might have caused. Also, in the case of fire or vandalism, your insurance should cover the cost to your garage. 

If the garage door gets hit by a car, then that person’s auto insurance policy should cover the damage to your garage door. Another thing to take into consideration is that in case of intentional damage or specified natural disasters, your home insurance won’t cover your garage.

Understanding  Your Garage DoorUnderstanding Garage Door Coverage on Your Homeowner’s Policy

If you know your home insurance policy, it will be much easier and faster to file a claim. Here is some important information you should know about home insurance policies: 

  • Will the insurance claim be worth the cost? When you use your home insurance several times, your insurance rates can go up, and you might end up paying more for your protection. Consider whether the cost of the garage door repair is worth it, or if it is better to pay the repair out of your pocket and avoid paying higher premiums.
  • Is your garage attached to your house? If your home garage is detached, some insurance companies consider them to be a separate building and won’t cover it. Read your policy and verify the coverage of a detached garage. 
  • In most home insurance policies, it does not include coverage for vehicle damage to your garage door.  In this case, the coverage might fall under your auto insurance.
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