Check and Repair Garage Door Springs and Hardware Post Winter

Nothing lasts forever. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain your garage door and repair garage door springs. We can assist you with everything from minor to major repairs, as well as seasonal inspections. Our expert service technicians are here to assist you as quickly as possible.

Conduct a Post-Winter Garage Door Checkup

Extenstion Springs
Only a professional will know how to recognize a spring that requires service or replacement.

Freezing temperatures, snowfalls, sleet, ice, and wind may all be damaging to your garage door, as the metal parts of your garage door can shrink due to the cold temperatures. This might provide additional friction on the door, requiring the opener to work harder. When your opener runs continuously, it might reduce the door’s and opener’s durability and lifespan.

Wooden garage doors may collect moisture from rain and melting snow. This causes the wood to expand, putting pressure on the individual portions of wood. The increased door size strains the garage door’s moving elements, such as hinges, springs, and the hardware that keeps it together. Moisture can also contribute to the rusting of your garage door’s metal components. Rusting might become an even more significant problem if your garage door is composed of metal.

Signs You Need to Call a Person to Repair Garage Door Springs 

If you try to open your garage door and it won’t budge, it may be frozen shut. Examine the door to see if you can pinpoint the source of the problem. In most cases, ice has welded the door to the ground. If you continuously kick the bottom of the door or use the opener to dislodge the ice, you risk damaging the door or spring.

You can use a scraping tool to remove the ice on the exterior of the doorway. Another effective way is to use a heat gun and target it at the point. Any of these ways may be effective in dislodging the door. If your garage door still doesn’t open, there might be another problem that has to be addressed by a professional.

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