Choosing the Right Style Garage Door Windows to Add Curb Appeal

There are a lot of ways to improve the curbside appeal of your home, one of which is garage door windows. Your garage is a huge component of the exterior style of your house. With some selectively stylish windows, you can enhance the design of your façade and improve the lighting of your interior space as well. Unfortunately, not every garage door window style is going to work with your current home.

To help homeowners maximize their curbside appeal, here is a quick checklist of what to look for when picking the right style of garage door windows for your home.

Consider Window Styles That Complement Your Home

classic double
Square garage door windows that match the window style of the rest of the home.

Window stylings are so eye-catching that is important that they work with your existing exterior design, not against it. The best place to start when selecting garage door windows is to examine the rest of the windows of your home. How are they styled? Are they square, rectangular, arched, cathedral, or sun-ray? Are they single-pane or double-pane? Ideally, the garage doors should match the style of the rest of your windows. That way, the garage looks like an extension of the house, rather than just an uncoordinated addition.

The Benefits of a Great Garage Door Window

There are many benefits to windows beyond just style. The most popular reason for acquiring garage door windows is to increase the amount of natural light let into the garage. Natural light can illuminate a home and turn a typically unlivable space into a place of activity. When acquiring windows for natural light, it is important to consider the location (top panel or below), as well as the material (glass, plastic) for security purposes.

Still don’t know which style is best? Contact one of our team members today to learn more and receive a free estimate on any of our residential windows installations.


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