How to Clean Your Garage Door Properly

Your home garage door is probably the most massive moving object in your home and is highly visible. That means that it should be clean to create a positive impression. But the truth is that many homeowners forget to clean their garage door when they clean other areas of their homes like the windows, patio, among others. Today we want o give you some useful tips, so you get your garage door cleaned effectively. 

Recommended Steps When Washing Your Garage Door

  • Use a mild liquid soap like a car washing or dishwashing soap for washing your garage door. Also, use a sponge or a microfiber towel to wash the interior and exterior of the door. 
  • Use a hose to rinse the soap but avoid using a pressure washer since it can damage the surface. 
  • If you need to get rid of stubborn oil stains, you can use a diluted bleach and water solution to clean the area. But do not mix bleach with other cleansers because it can cause harmful fumes. 
  • When washing your garage door, if you detect rust, contact your trusted garage door company so the area can be fixed before causing major damage. 
  • Finally, remove any object that can represent a potential hazard or could obstruct the path of the garage door to avoid any unexpected situation. 

Washing Your Garage Door

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