Climate Threats to Front Range and Mountain Homes

The Colorado climate, as locals will know, covers an incredibly wide spectrum over the course of a calendar year. This spectrum of climate includes a huge variety of temperatures and weather conditions that can seriously start to eat away at the exterior quality of a home, especially its garage doors. The Colorado homes that are most vulnerable to its adverse and variable weather conditions are, of course, the Front Range and mountain homes that receive the harshest winds, hail, and snow. This makes it key to know how materials may react to different weather.

Types of Climate Threats to Front Range and Mountain Homes

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A Colorado mountain home that is prepared for the adverse climate.

Due to Colorado’s geographic positioning, the state and its inhabitants are vulnerable to a wide variety of weather conditions – most of which are dangerous when not properly prepared. The worst Colorado weather conditions affect the home located on the front range and in the mountains. This is because the height and shape of the mountains make them great ramps for prevailing winds. These winds can carry moisture which turns into snow or hail. In any case, these conditions are made worse by the strength of the winds. Strong weather can seriously inhibit the functionality of a garage door if not well-tended. Fortunately, the garage door materials you use can play a big part in improving the weather resistance of your doors.

The mountains can also be susceptible to fires. Look for garage doors that have fire-resistant materials. These doors are rated by time they can withstand the heat of a fire before beginning to degrade in quality.

Best Materials for Colorado Garage Doors

The garage door materials you choose for your Front Range or mountain home depend on how the materials may react to different weather conditions. Synthetic materials are often the most reliable choice for bolstering the climate resistance of your garage doors based on their strength, rigidity, and resistance to temperature.

If you need professional help finding your garage door materials for your front range or mountain home, call us today to get a free quote on any of our repair or maintenance services.

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