Common Electrical Garage Door Issues

It can be a frustrating experience when your garage door will not work as you desire. Not only does this door enhance the curb appeal of your property, but it provides excellent security as well. When your garage door is not working, you decrease this level of protection and expose your home.

There are many reasons why electric garage doors may not be working and causing you unnecessary frustration and stress. Here are three of them.

There is No Power

Often, the reason your garage door is not working is because the power source to your garage door has been disrupted. Check to make sure all aspects of the garage door are plugged in such as the garage door opener and the motor. If everything is plugged in but you are still receiving no power, check to make sure you haven’t flipped a breaker.

The Door Will Not Close

Reconnecting Your Garage Door Opener
Items blocking the sensors can cause issues with your garage doors opening and closing.

In some cases, the garage door will not seem to close. As it begins to shut, it quickly goes back up. One of the common reasons for this action is that something is in its way. You will want to look closely at the floor and the surroundings around the garage door to make sure nothing is blocking the sensors.

Garage Door Isn’t Responding Well to Commands

Are you pushing your garage door opener repeatedly, hoping it will open? Is your keypad not working as well? This may be a sign that batteries in these products need to be replaced. You may need to upgrade various parts such as the remote control or the keypad. There may also be additional damage you cannot see that is affecting your garage door’s operation.

If you have any issues with electric garage doors or are seeking garage door cable repair, always hire the professionals. You never know what hazards you may be facing or how extensive the damage is you need to repair. An expert at Colorado Overhead Door Company can help you solve the problem quickly and address all of your concerns. For repairs or to upgrade your garage door, give them a call today.

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