Common Garage Door Issues – Part 1

Your home garage door is continually opening and closing. Like any other machine, it requires general maintenance every once in a while so that everything works smoothly to avoid unexpected situations. Today we want to write the first blog out of two about common garage door problems and how to identify them on time and avoid significant damage later on. Here are the first five out of ten. 

Opener Not Working Properly

When your garage door opener is not working correctly, there is a big chance that it needs lubrication. We recommend that you lubricate your chain or drive-screw operated opener with a good silicone-based lubricant or garage door spray lube every once in a while so that the garage door opener works smoothly. 

Grinding Noise

Your garage door is full of moving parts, and if you don’t lubricate its components, it can lead to loose hardware, worn parts, or squeaky sections that can create an annoying grinding noise for you and your neighbors. 

Cracks or Gaps

A wooden garage door adds beauty and a traditional style to your home, but cracks are prevalent on wood garage doors, and when they appear, you must use a filler or sealant caulk on the cracks or gaps to keep your garage door in good condition. 

Weather Sealant

Weather sealant acts as an insulation and has the purpose of reducing noise, keeping water from entering your garage, and also seals air leaks. When the weather sealant breaks, it is imperative to replace it to save money on your electric bill and also to reduce noise and keep water outside of your home.  

Garage Door Won’t Open All the Way

If your garage door won’t open all the way, the springs may be broken and need replacing. If you don’t know how to replace the door springs, we highly recommend that you contact your trusted garage door technician to get the job done. 

Premium Garage Door ServicesPremium Garage Door Services and Products in The Front Range

Whether you need garage door general maintenance services, a new garage door opener, or any other garage product or service,  we encourage you to browse our user-friendly website to learn more about our company in Colorado. Contact one of our customer care representatives to request a free door estimate today. We are sure that we have the right solution for your garage door needs.


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