Common Garage Door Issues – Part 2

On our last blog, we wrote the first part of a two blog series of typical garage door issues, and here is the second blog of the series.

Door Closes and Then Opens 

If your garage door closes and then immediately opens, it means that there could be an issue with the photo-eye alignment. Photo-eyes are located on both sides of the door, causing it to re-open if an object is in the way while closing. 

Door Closes But Doesn’t Seal Completely at the Bottom

When this issue occurs, it means that the weatherstripping needs replacement. It is essential to have in mind that this strip seals the garage door, preventing the air from the outside to enter your home, helping you save money on your electrical bill. 

Broken Garage Door Remote 

Broken garage door remotes are very common. They are one of the most common garage door issues, and the cause could be due to several reasons. You could replace the battery to see if this fixes the problem. It could also be that you need to reprogram the remote control. If none of these steps fixes the issues, you can contact our garage door specialist to have your remote control checked and replaced if needed. 

Unresponsive Garage Door Opener

When the garage door opener becomes unresponsive, it could be that the photo-eyes are not working. The first thing to do is to go to the breaker panel and make sure it is on. If it is on, check and see that the garage door opener is correctly plugged in. 


Rust formation is the worst enemy for a garage door and its components. Rust usually forms when the iron gets exposed to air, salt, or water for an extended time. There are several ways to dissolve rust like using vinegar. 

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