Common Garage Door Spring Issues and What You Should Do

Garage door springs are essential to ensure your garage door opens and closes properly. Unfortunately, garage door springs can become weak or damaged over time due to overstretching and frequent use. If you think your garage door springs are weak, it is vital to seek professional garage door service as soon as possible. 


At any wearing sign in your garage door is best to get it checked by a professional.

One of the common causes of weak garage door springs is overstretching. This happens when the springs are forced to lift more weight than they are built to handle. It could be due to using the wrong size or type of springs or adding too much weight to the door. Overstretching can cause the springs to lose their tension and weaken over time. This means your garage door will not function properly and may not even open or close.

If you see that your garage door springs have been overextended, it is best to have them checked by a professional. Attempting to repair or replace the springs on your own can be dangerous and lead to further damage to your garage door or even injury to yourself. The best way to avoid overstretching your garage door springs is to use the right size and type of springs for your door. It is also essential to have regular maintenance and inspections by professionals who can catch, and fix issues before they lead to more significant problems.


Garage door springs are essential for quickly opening and closing your garage door. However, like any other mechanical component, they have a limited lifespan and may weaken with prolonged use. Over time, the constant strain on your garage door springs will lead to wear and tear, causing them to lose strength and effectiveness.

The weight of your garage door, coupled with the daily usage, can cause your springs to deteriorate, leaving your garage door stuck or unable to close or open. This can be circumvented, especially if you need to access your garage urgently. Regular maintenance and care of your garage door springs can extend their lifespan, ensuring they operate smoothly and efficiently for an extended period. However, it’s crucial to take prompt action when you see signs of wear and tear, such as excessive squeaking or difficulties opening and closing.

Let the Professionals Check and/or Replace Them

If you check your garage door springs are weak, it is best to let professionals handle the inspection and replacement. While it may seem tempting to take a DIY approach, working with garage door springs can be dangerous if not done correctly. 

A trained technician will have the experience and tools necessary to assess the strength and tension of your garage door springs. They can also determine whether they need to be adjusted or replaced altogether. 

Attempting to replace garage door springs can result in serious injury and damage to the garage door or other parts of your home. However, trusting the job of a professional can provide assurance that it is done safely and effectively, giving you peace of mind and saving you from costly repairs. 

While garage door springs may seem like a small component of your home, they play a critical role in keeping your garage door functioning correctly. If you think that your garage door springs are weak, don’t hesitate to contact a professional to get them checked and replaced if needed. Your safety and the integrity of your garage door depend on it. Contact us at Colorado Overhead Garage Door for maintenance and replacement of your garage door springs.

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