Common Issues With Door Openers

If you are a homeowner and have one or two garages, you most likely have run into various hurdles when it comes to garage door openers issues. While sometimes it can be frustrating to run into these hurdles, there are often simple fixes to these problems. 

It is always recommended that when addressing any problems with garage door openers in Colorado that you call professionals to assist with the repairs as sometimes doing it yourself can be ill-advised. Outlined below are some of the common problems associated with the opening mechanisms and some solutions. 

Common Problems

One of the common problems you may run into regarding the opening and closing mechanisms is unpleasant grinding sounds. These sounds are often because of hardware that has come loose or shabby parts. Some other issues you might encounter will be a cracked weather sealant, opening followed by an immediate close, or a close followed by a prompt open. If you run into any of these garage door openers issues, call professionals, and they will help walk you through the solutions.

When a garage door problem occurs, call a professional to help with repairs.
When a garage door problem occurs, call a professional to help with repairs.

Possible Solutions

For the outlined problems above, here are a few possible solutions:

  1. Unpleasant grinding sounds– In most cases, you require some lubrication along the opener mechanism tracks. If you can’t find the exact squeaky spot, a professional can quickly come in and diagnose the problem, prescribing a solution. 
  2. Cracked weather sealant– In most cases, your weather sealant has worn out, so you will need a replacement. Call the installer to get the correct one rather than buying something retail. 
  3. Open followed by immediate close– You may need to replace the springs that have become broken. A professional will know which springs are worn and ensure you only pay for what is required. 
  4. Close followed by prompt open– There may be an issue with the sensor placement in these scenarios. It may need realignment, which is best done by a professional. 

For any of the above garage door openers issues, contact us today for the most effective remedies. 

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