Common Steel Garage Door Problems in Freezing Winter Weather

Garage doors can be one of the most vulnerable features of your home when it comes to freezing winter weather, especially if they are made of steel. While steel is predominantly a strong and durable material, its major weakness is its sensitivity to changes in temperature. Now, in most climates, steel doors are excellent, but in areas with freezing cold temperatures, like Colorado, these steel garage doors and their parts can contract to the point that they stop working.

Contracting Steel May Prevent Garage Doors From Functioning Properly

When metal is cold, it contracts. When it is really cold, it can contract dramatically. Even if your garage door isn’t made of steel, the garage door opener, the screws, and the tracks are. This makes extreme cold one of the most common steel garage door winter problems. Fixing contractions of this scale can be very significant and should almost always require professional repair. Unless extra precautions are taken like winter-proofing the door or buying high-quality lubricant, other garage doors should be considered.

Garage Door Winter Maintenance Tips
Heavy snowfall when uncleared, can freeze your garage door.

Keep the Garage Door Area Clear of Snow and Ice

Contracting steel isn’t the only winter problem that can threaten your garage door. Ice can be a very restrictive obstacle if it builds up on the door or in-between the panels. Most garage doors can allow for moisture to develop in-between its panels, which can then freeze when exposed to the air. Ice like this can make the door too heavy and prevent it from rolling up. A gentle heat should be used to mend the problem. Any extreme heat may damage the panels.

When you live in a frigid environment, the last thing you want is for your garage door to stop working and prevent you from safely storing your car. If you need expert advice on which door is best for your climate, contact our Colorado Overhead Door Company professionals. We can provide repairs and offer you a free estimate on a new door.

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