Composite Materials for Your Garage Door

Why Should You Get a Composite Garage Door?

If you think you might want to go with composite materials for acquiring an Eco-friendly garage door and to move away from the rotting issues and the maintenance issues associated with wood, then composite garage doors are the way to go!

What is a Composite Garage Door?

Composite garage doors are unique doors built by adhering various types of material to a steel gate for you can achieve a wood-like look.

Composite Materials

  • Fiberglass
  • High density or Reinforced Foam
  • Low-density Foam
  • PVC
  • Recycled wood and paper

Nantucket with Versailles, Side Hinged Garage Doorhandles, hinges, and custom clavos placementJust think about what design and finishing options are most appealing to you. If you like pre-molded designs or standard stamped, then fiberglass composite would be a great choice for you.

But, if you prefer to be creative with your design, match the style of your front door, match the architectural expression of your home, or only be limited by your vision, then a recycled wood, a foam composite product, or a PVC will be a good fit for you.

High density or reinforced foam offer the best solution for limitless design and durability.

Low-density foam composite material does not rot and, it is much lighter weight than wood and the other composite matters. Though, this option does not offer the durability that high density or recycled wood or reinforced foam does.

Wood Composite - Traditional Collection by Amarr
Wood Composite – Traditional Collection by Amarr

PVC is a plastic material that offers the same workability as recycled wood and will not rot. It is heavier than many of the low-density foams but is still lighter than wood. Just keep in mind that this alternative comes in limited color options.  Bear in mind that dark colors cause the PVC to expand and contract which can lead to the overlay popping off the doors.

A recycled wood & paper product is heavy and may eventually have some rotting.  Its durability, however, is usually superior to a genuine wood door. Plus, wet environments and water accumulation, even in small amounts, create rotting conditions eventually.

It does not matter what type of finish you would like to achieve when it comes to garage doors installation, Colorado Overhead Doors Co. is the way to go. Trust in our professional services.

When you call on us, we will happily help you evaluate your current garage door needs. From there, we aim to find a suitable solution that works best for you.

Go green with a composite garage door!

PVCU Garage Door by Wharfe Valley
PVCU Garage Door by Wharfe Valley
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