Consider the Climate When Choosing Garage Door Materials

The last thing homeowners think about when buying a garage door is their local climate. If you aren’t installing garage doors in the winter, it is difficult to weigh the benefits of climate resistance against the benefits of beautiful wood paneling. But the material you choose for your garage door can have a significant impact on its overall longevity. Poorly suited materials can mean more repairs, a shorter lifespan, and inconsistent operation. To help you select the right materials for your garage door, here is a short breakdown of the benefits and features of certain garage door materials.

Don’t Forget About Your Local Environment When Choosing Materials

A black, metal garage door with two stylish windows that is weather and climate-resistant.

The climate you live in should play a significant part in choosing garage door materials. This is because the weather your home experiences can directly affect the utility of the garage door itself. For instance, if you live in the Colorado region, your garage door is likely to experience a lot of wind, hail, and snow. All of these factors can worsen the quality and functionality of your door if not properly accounted for. In Colorado, garage doors need to be weather resistant in order to be able to open and close without serious impairment. So, which materials are best for consistent weather resistance?

Consider Materials That Are Impact and Weather Resistant

Steel garage doors are one of the most reliable garage door materials available. The greatest benefit of steel doors is that they are more resistant to changes in temperature. Wooden garage doors, for example, are susceptible to shrinking and expanding based on the season and the temperature. This type of expansion can be detrimental to the health of the doors long-term, especially when it comes to their functionality.

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