Custom Fire Rated and Insulated Garage Doors for Emergency Responders

Firefighters are an essential service in every city and county. They help protect the lives of those around them by providing immediate response to dangers and threats. Unfortunately, the quality of this response is predicated on the reliability and speed of the garage doors they use. If the garage doors of a given firehouse are not reliable or quick, then people’s lives may be at risk. That is why it is imperative for firehouses to employ high-quality, durable, and fast-acting garage doors for emergency responders.

Classic Firehouse Garage Door Styles

The classic firehouse style, but with polyurethane insulated steel sectional doors.

The garage door is an essential feature of any firehouse. These steel garage doors are able to satisfy both utility and security demands of the firehouse without compromising its classical style. Using polyurethane insulated steel sectional doors and fire-related doors, firefighters and firehouse operators can quickly raise and lower the doors. Because polyurethane insulated steel sectional doors lend themselves to plenty of customizations, this type of garage door is able to perfectly combine style and function. In addition to customizing the size, firehouse owners can also individualize the style and aesthetics to match their ideal firehouse design.

Not a Luxury, a Necessity

As mentioned above, the most important feature of any firehouse and garage doors for emergency responders is the ability to reliably and efficiently open and close the doors as needed. The part of the garage door that is able to deliver these quick and consistent functions is the high-quality garage door opener system. LiftMaster and Genie are the two brands of garage door openers that can reliably deliver long-lasting, high-performance lifts that ensure fast response and safer work environments.

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