Custom Residential Garage Doors

Are you familiar with the phrase, “one size fits all?” Well, when it comes to garage doors, this phrase is rarely true. In fact, it is rarely true for any architectural or design addition you make to your home because every single house is unique. For that reason, many of the popular standardized garage doors are not suitable for a homeowner that is looking to optimize the curb appeal of their home. If this is the case, custom residential garage doors may be the answer.

Add Curb Appeal with a Custom Garage Door Design

A custom garage door that aligns with the color scheme and layout of the home.

The best part of custom garage doors is that they can accommodate any home, environment, or neighborhood. Not all homes are conducive to standard styles or sizes. That is what makes custom garage doors so special. You can customize the style, size, materials, and features your garage door offers. And while all of these contribute to the overall curb appeal of your home, they can also contribute to other areas like home security. With custom garage doors, you can optimize the security, style, and energy efficiency of your garage based on your selection of style and materials. But how do you select the right style and materials?

Choosing the Materials and Style of Your Custom Garage Door

It’s difficult to choose which style and materials you incorporate into your garage door due to the number of options available. You can play with texture and dimensions to elevate the door’s visuals. Your choice of paneling can also significantly impact your home’s overall curbside appeal. For instance, recessed, raised, and flush panels all offer a  unique aesthetic. All of these choices should also align with your choice of materials. Steel and natural wood both offer different features and different benefits.

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