Dealing With Broken Garage Door Springs

Have you recently come home to find that your garage door isn’t opening, no matter how many times you hit the button on your remote? If your remote still lights up but your door still won’t open, you might have a broken garage door spring. No need to worry, a broken spring is a minor problem that your Colorado garage door repair service can fix. But why did this happen in the first place? Is user error to blame? Let’s take a look at why you’re having issues with your garage doors.

Why Springs Break

Extenstion Springs
A professional garage repair service can determine the right size of spring to use on your doors.

The most common reason behind a broken garage door spring is wear and tear. On average, the average garage door spring lasts for about 10,000 cycles. For those who aren’t aware, a cycle is when your garage door raises and lowers back down. If you use your garage door twice daily, that would mean your spring should last for nearly 14 years. However, most people use their doors much more frequently than this, so springs tend to give out in less time.

Other factors include rust — if you live in a humid area, your garage door components could begin to rust, which can eventually make your spring brittle. You can prevent rust with proper lubrication — you should spray your coil with lubricant every few months or so.

Replacing Springs

Thankfully, replacing your garage door spring is easy. You don’t need to do anything but call your local garage door repair service. They’ll determine the correct size based on the garage door system you have. The faster you make an appointment, the sooner you’ll be able to repair your garage door and rid yourself of the inconvenience of opening your door manually.

Are you experiencing garage door issues? Call the Colorado Overhead Door Company today for more information on our repair services. 

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