Denver Garage Installation: Detached vs. Attached

When searching for a new garage, homeowners must tackle the decision to either attach the garage to their existing home or to leave it as a separate structure altogether. This decision is one that will have a major impact for those installing a garage in Denver, Colorado and the surrounding areas, as the extreme weather adds to the complications.

The team at Colorado Overhead Door Company has decided to look at both options to help you decide which type of garage installation best fits your needs.

Examine Your Lot

The size of your lot will ultimately dictate how and where you can install your garage. Detached garages take up large amounts of space, and they can quickly take over your yard. We recommend walking around your property and trying to visualize where you would most likely locate the structure, and then stake it out with a tape measure to know exactly how much space you are leaving yourself to work with. You might quickly realize that your lot simply will not support this kind of construction.

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Why Install A Detached Garage?

What is your reasoning for wanting the garage separated from the home? Most Denver garage installations are done with the intentions of allowing homeowners to enter their homes without having to trudge through the ice and snow when exiting their car. A detached garage will require you to do so, as you will not have a direct entrance from your garage to your home.

Now if you have a handyman in the family or an aspiring auto mechanic, then a detached garage could be the perfect fit for your family. These garages offer more space and privacy to those working on their weekend projects, and by standing separate from the home, the noise is less likely to bother those inside. This kind of work often produces fumes and chemicals which could prove to be harmful if done in an attached garage, so be sure to install the proper garage ventilation system to prevent danger.

Connected garages do serve as another entrance to your house, and both hot and cold air pass through them and into your home. The thin walls could lead to some hikes in your heating bill, so be sure that your garage is properly insulated so that it helps to combat the elements.

Does it Match your Home?

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Depending on the style of your home, it may be difficult to attach a garage that supports the architecture of the house. While the team at Colorado Overhead Door Co. are happy to help design and install custom garages that comply with the design of your house, some will opt for a detached garage when they feel that the house doesn’t allow for the addition. Garages built onto colonial or historic homes can sometimes look forced and give your home an unnatural feel.

Selecting the Right Garage

If you are looking to have your garage double as a carpentry center, the constant noise and banging might be something that you want to keep away from your home. If the lay of your land supports it, then a standalone garage might be the best option for you. However, if you are looking to create a new entrance to your home that protects both you and your family from the elements, then you will most likely want to go with a connected garage.

Garage Door Solutions

When shopping for garage doors in Denver, be sure to give to go with the trusted crew at Colorado Overhead Door Co. They are qualified to help you make this decision and much more when it comes to selecting which kind of garage you want to install. Give them a call today for a free quote.

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