Learn More About the Different Garage Door Materials 

There are different garage door materials in the marketplace today. Every element has its advantages. Today we want to write about the different garage door materials so you can make a smart choice depending on your home style and budget. 

Common Garage Door Materials in Colorado


Steel is the preferred garage door material in the market. It is available in many different styles, requires low maintenance, is a reasonable price, can be painted easily, and can even mimic wood if desired.  


Aluminum garage doors are lighter and cheaper than steel doors, are available in many colors and finishes, and are almost maintenance-free.  Since aluminum is exceptionally lightweight, we recommend it for wide double doors.  


Wood garage doors come in a variety of styles and are the perfect material for homes that have a traditional style. There are several options for different budgets, from painted wood with flat hardboard panels to stain-grade wood doors. Contact us so we can help you choose the best choice for your home. 

Wood Composite

Since these are made of recycled wood fibers, wood composite garage doors have the strength of steel with the looks and texture of wood. Also, this type of door can be painted, stained, and are very resistant to rot and splitting. 


Fiberglass its a great option if you want the look of stained wood doors but with less maintenance. The only maintenance they require is an application of clear sealant every few years. Fiberglass garage doors are also very resistant to corrosion as well, so it is an excellent option for residences located near the coast. 

Premium Garage Door SolutionsPremium Garage Door Solutions for More Than 30 Years

From repair and remodeling to brand new garage door installation for residential and commercial facilities, our garage door company has been delivering premium garage door solutions for more than 30 years. 

We encourage you to browse our website and discover all of the garage door products and services that we offer for residential and commercial use. Contact us today for your free door estimate so we can get in touch and find the best solution for your garage door based on your budget and needs.

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