Don’t Wait to Fix a Problem With the Photo Eye Sensor on Your Garage Door

A garage door’s benefits should never outweigh its drawbacks. Moreover, a garage door should never put its operators and their families in danger at any moment. One of the most dangerous elements of a garage door can be the potential for collisions as it closes. Garage doors are so heavy and powerful that they could inflict serious injury if anyone were to be caught beneath them while in motion. Fortunately, that is where a garage door photo eye sensor comes into play.

Purpose of a Photo Eye Sensor

triple white garageThe objective of a photo eye sensor is to stop the garage door from closing if there is any form of obstruction below it. It does this by setting up two small sensors on either side of the garage door. These sensors should line up to create an invisible beam of light that shines between them. Whenever this beam is broken, say be a bicycle, or a person’s foot, the photo eye sensor will trigger the garage door to reverse its direction. This type of safety feature is known as a garage door safety reversal system, and its presence can save lives.

Danger of Not Getting It Fixed

If there is an issue with the garage door photo eye sensor, then the whole safety reverse system becomes compromised. A compromised safety reverse system could seriously endanger the lives of its operators. If you can identify that the photo eye sensors are not working properly, you need to have it fixed immediately. Safety should always be paramount when it comes to garage door maintenance and repair. If its safety becomes questionable, it needs to be addressed immediately by a garage door professional.

At the Colorado Overhead Door Company, your safety is our priority. That is why we have our team of technicians on call for same-day repair. If you’re interested in how much a repair would cost, get a free quote today via our website.

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