Features to Look For in a Garage Door Opener

Technology is constantly evolving, and garage door openers are no different. People are consistently upgrading every aspect of how they live, and then this can leave some folks behind. If you have never purchased a garage door opener before, you might not know what its standard features are. This can be overwhelming and make some buyers feel embarrassed.

If you are in the middle of choosing a garage door opener, then here are some of the key features you should look out for.

Standard Garage Door Opener Features

Remotes and wall-mounts are the button covered apparatus that allows the user to open and close their garage door. The location of these wall-mounts can either be on the outside or the inside depending on one’s security preference. The exterior ones typically use a keypad system instead of just a button.

No matter how advanced garage doors become, they will always need a manual release. This is to ensure that one can still open and close their garage door if the power goes out or the remote stops working. This is the garage door equivalent of an emergency hatch.

Smart Features for Garage Door Openers (Wi-Fi and Remote Connectivity)

Smart Garage Door Opener
Smart garage door openers are capable of raising or lowering a garage door from anywhere.

Some garage door openers have a built-in Wi-Fi connector that allows them to have internet access. These will often come with companion apps that allows the user to control the garage door right from their smartphone. This can make parking your car, or accessing your garage, that much easier and that much simpler.

While these are some of the more important features to keep note of, these certainly aren’t all of them. Anything more and you may want to consult with a professional.

For industry advice on buying a new garage door opener, contact our garage door experts at Colorado Overhead Door Company. We offer a variety of services that can help you with all your garage door needs. 

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