Find the Right Garage Door For Your Industry

Every business, and every industry, has a different set of needs, objectives, and specialties. Garage doors are no different. Depending on the type of operations your business conducts, you may require different features from your garage door. To help you make your choice, here are a few of the different types of commercial garage doors available based on industry.

Types of Commercial Doors Based on Industry

One of the most common types of commercial garage doors is a sectional. These types of garage doors are typically constructed using galvanized steel panels with small upper windows for light. These are a great option for facilities that want to maximize the security and durability of these garage doors. Being made of galvanized steel, these doors are weather-resistant, heat-resistant, and extremely difficult to break into. Manufacturing and distribution industries are the most regular purchasers of these types of doors.

Emergency fire hall building that utilizes aluminum/glass garage doors.

A less popular commercial garage door is the aluminum and glass door. These garage doors are extremely visible and offer much less protection in terms of resistance and threat-prevention. That said, some industries have safe enough a process to accommodate these types of doors. You will often see these types of industrial garage doors on fire stations. They provide a great deal of light in addition to being both strong and weather-resistant.

Match Your Garage Door to Your Needs

When selecting a garage door, it is imperative to pick one that satisfies the needs of your facility and operations. If you need a lot of light, then windows will have to be a priority. If your facility requires better airflow or temperature control, then these factors should be considered when selecting the quality of insulation of your doors.

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