Garage Door Prevention Tips During Winter  

Avoiding Garage Door Damage This Winter

Winter in Colorado can get very tough, and your garage door could be affected during this season, especially if you skip maintenance. Today we want to write about some actions you can make to prevent specific garage door problems during winter and avoid getting stuck outside in the cold.

Check the Weather Stripping

The weatherstripping seals the garage door and prevents the air from the outside to enter your home. When water freezes where your garage door opens and closes, it can cause the weatherstripping to get stuck when that garage door closes and when it opens again, it might rip it off and increase your electrical bill. Remove the snow and water around the area where your garage door is so that your weatherstripping keeps attached to the door.

Perform General Inspection

During the winter season, the temperature can get very cold in Colorado, and the metal parts of your garage door can contract and break, causing a malfunction on your garage door. Once in a while, make a quick inspection of your garage door, listen carefully for any weird noises that could indicate there is a broken component. If you find a broken part, contact a professional technician to get the part replaced. 

Avoiding Garage Door DamageLet Us Become Your Trusted Garage Door Company in Colorado 

Whether you need professional inspection before winter, repair for your garage door, or replacement of your outdated door, we are your one-stop-shop for all of your garage door needs. We encourage you to browse our user-friendly website and learn more about our garage door products and services in the Front Range. Contact one of our customer care representatives to request a free door estimate today. We are sure that we have the right solution for your garage door needs.

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