Garage Door Springs 101: Extension Springs & Torsion Springs

What is a Garage Door Spring?

Garage door springs are one of the numerous accessories of an overhead door. They counterbalance the weight of the gate to make it easy to open and close. This means that they employ force to offset the door’s weight.

Garage Door Springing System

There are two different types of springs used on garage doors nowadays. Torsion springs which are attached just above the closed garage door, while extension springs are located above the upper tracks on both sides.

Standard Extension Springs

Standard extension springs are coiled accessories installed above the door’s horizontal track. When the door is opened, the energy stored in the extended springs is used to lift the door. It is very common for this system to fall victim to frequent use, and as the door is moving up and down, the steel in the springs will weaken and eventually break.Extenstion Springs

It is vital to check extension springs to make sure that there is a safety cable running through them, to avoid unnecessary damages. Because this type of spring can eventually break, releasing the stored energy which leads to a flying spring, that can damage property or injure someone.

If you are an experienced D.Y.I., you can install these springs just by following the installation manual and safety warnings included with each brand of garage door.

Standard Torsion Springs

Torsion springsStandard Torsion Springs include a drum assembly, a shaft, and a spring installed straight above the door opening. These springs distribute the garage door’s weight evenly – critical when you have a wide and extremely heavy door. They should only be installed and removed by a trained garage door professional. As the door comes down, cables attached to the door’s bottom corners cause the springs to wind up, energizing the lifting system. When the gate is opened, the springs unwind, and the energy is transferred to the door and helps lifts it. However, as the door is moved up and down over time, the steel in the springs progressively weakens, and the door becomes too heavy for them. Eventually, the springs will break, and the door will be stuck closed.

A well-engineered spring system counterbalances your garage door. Expert engineers predetermine the correct spring system required for safe and consistent equilibrium of your garage door and shipped with your door of preference.

Note that spring installation is very dangerous. So, we highly recommend reaching out for the best garage door installation & repair services in Denver: Colorado Overhead Doors Co. Is the way to go!

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