Garage Door Trends for 2016

Make Your Home Stand Out This Year

Spring is coming to Denver. And what best time of the year to replace or upgrade your garage door? If you are looking for the best way to make your home stand out and increase property value, curb appeal is the way to go.

Start with Your Garage Door

Garage doors are more than large entryways into your home, but also, a way to distinguish a home from the others on the surroundings. In fact, they are being used much differently than in the past. That’s why we have brought you today the biggest garage door trends for 2016.

Bigger Garage Doors

Larger garage doors are in vogue now. More and more, homeowners are making larger openings for their overhead doors when building or renovating their homes. Ample space gives the owner a larger canvas to work with and allows more room for creativity. Larger garage doors also stand out and increase curb appeal.

Bold Colors Create A More Vibrant GarageCustom Wooden Garages in Denver

No more white and tan garage doors. Go for bolder colors. Homeowners are trying to build a concept based on the color of their home. Plus, they aim for their garage door to harmonize with their exterior. Increasing then, the home’s curb appeal and causes the garage to stand out amongst the neighbors.

Faux Wood Garage Doors

There is no doubt that a wood door adds an air of sophistication to a home. Plus, they increase the curb appeal and the value. But, a wood door is very expensive. So, homeowners are turning to fiberglass garage doors or steel garage doors. In this way, they can get a door that looks like wood for a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, fiberglass garage doors increase R-values (insulation), and that saves, even more, money!

Large WindowsGarage Door Windows

As garage doors are becoming bigger, the windows on them are enlarging too.

Windows give the door an interesting aesthetic. Much like home windows, larger windows in a garage are increasing in popularity because they welcome light in and allow the best outside views.

How a garage door looks is highly important to all of us because we have only ONE chance to make a first impression. Garage doors are the largest entryway to the home and are typically the focal point of our home’s exterior. For this reason, owners are taking this opportunity to come up with a unique one of a kind look.

Take advantage of Colorado Overhead Doors expert for your next garage door replace or upgrade and give that touch of elegance and style you always wanted to your house. Contact us at any time for a free estimate and close your overhead garage door to crime.

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