It is time for Preventive Winter Garage Door Maintenance

You might feel it is still early, but the fact is that you are just in time to start checking your garage door and fix it, replace it or set all the necessary aspects of your garage door in order to make it survive the winter. Otherwise, you could get caught by the extreme cold weather with a dysfunctional garage door that not only won’t protect your home and family, but also it will get more deteriorated and will cost more to restore it.

Garage door preventive maintenance routine

Garage Door Maintenance
Running preventive maintenance can help your garage door system to survive the winter.

The first step is going over your garage door and checking absolutely all of its components and structure. Focus on its mechanism, mobile parts and the weatherstripping. Especially, if you fail to do it last winter. Your garage door’s weatherstripping is the padded seal used to close all gaps around the door. The weatherstripping becomes worn in time. Especially, during winter and do lack of maintenance.

Check the weatherstripping’s condition and consider replacing it. Also, look for rust and corrosion around your garage door’s structure. Rust should be immediately removed before continuing with any further repair.

Keep your garage door lubricated

This is a simple, but effective preventive method. Your garage door is full of moving parts, and these should all be checked regularly. As with anything that moves, lubrication is key to creating a smooth movement. You will want to check that your garage door springs, tracks, bearings and rollers are all free of grit and properly lubricated. A little bit of WD-40 should do the job.

Electrical system

Your garage door’s electrical system should be operative and in perfect condition. Extreme cold, humidity and other weather conditions related to the winter, can easily bust a dysfunctional garage door electrical system. If you notice anything awkward, contact immediately the garage door experts in Colorado. No matter your garage door problem or issue, Colorado Overhead Door Company can assist, fix, install or replace your garage door system. Contact us today!

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