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With winter once again right around the corner, Denver garage door owners should take advantage of the lest bit of warm weather to prep their garages for the upcoming changes in the weather.

When that winter weather shows up, the freezing temperatures tend to have their effect on everything. Your windows start to stick and your car becomes just a bit harder to crank in the mornings. Your garage door is likely to suffer from a few of the same issues, and Denver, Colorado’s garage door experts are here to show you how you can best protect your family’s garage from any damage.

Preparing your Garage Door for Winter

Your garage door is full of moving parts, and these should all be checked regularly. As with anything that moves, lubrication is key to creating a smooth movement. You will want to check that your garage door springs, tracks, bearings and rollers are all free of grit and properly lubricated.  As mentioned in an earlier garage door maintenance blog post, a little bit of WD-40 can go a long way. This repair will make itself know quickly if you re one who has to open the garage door manually, as it should diminish the force needed to perform the action.

Repair Last Winter’s Garage Damages

We have already explained how road salts can damage your garage floor, and just as you would with any other part of your house, you will want to quickly repair this damage to prevent further corrosion. As deicing chemicals become diluted, they can eat their way down into the pores of your concrete, where they will freeze and expand with the changing temperatures. As Colorado garage owners ill know, the temperature rises and lowers below freezing multiple times a year, and the expanding of the mixture will cause the cement to crack.

Take the time to review our ‘How to Repair Garages Damaged by Road Salts‘ post to learn how to best remove these chemicals from your floor before they become a problem.

Preventing Future Damage

Basic garage door maintenance can go a long way, and by taking the time to check all of your garage’s moving parts you can best ensure that your garage door will remain functioning at the highest level.

When it comes to your garage floor, you might want to invest in a few garage snow mats. These help to absorb the water that comes off of the bottom of your car and prevents it from reaching your garage floor. This is the same water tat contains the road salts that can lead to spalling and corrosion.

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