Importance of Weatherstripping for Denver Garage Doors

Colorado residents know and understand just how frigid it can get here during the winter months. Given the fact that your garage is technically the largest entrance into your home, it is extremely important to make sure that you do everything possible to keep all of that winter air out.

In an earlier post, the team at Colorado Overhead Door Co. shared a few tips for insulating your garage door, but even if this has been done properly, you still could be at risk. That cold air could be making its way under your door, should there be space between it and the floor.

Is Your Weatherstripping Working?

Denver garage door owners will want to learn how to check for this space so that they are able to determine if their weatherstripping is function as designed. For those of you who are not familiar with the term, weatherstripping is the padded seal used to close all gaps around the door. This stripping can be purchased at most major hardware stores, as well as garage centers, for a fairly reasonable price.

When installing a garage door, the technicians will most likely use some sort of stripping, but this will become worn with time. In am earlier post we ran over some simple garage maintenance tips, which also outlined methods for checking that your seals are tight and secure.

When your garage door is closed, check both the side and bottom seals to see if light or air is able to pass. You can also try to insert a stiff piece of paper, such as an index card, under the door to examine just how secure the bond is. Make note of any locations that could be allowing air to leak in and be sure to further inspect them once you open the door. If the issue is indeed severe, aim to replace your weatherstripping before immediately.

With the seal around your garage door once again tight, the air inside of your garage is not more likely to match that of your house rather than the cold air outside. This simple and cheap repair should more than pay for itself next time the heating bill comes, and it will also help to extend the life of items that you store in your garage. Should you need any help or assistance when looking to improve the state of your garage, call the pros at Colorado Overhead Door Company today for assistance.


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