Get to know the different residential garage door designs

Know your options before choosing the ideal garage door

Garage doors add aesthetic value to your home and can make or break an exterior design scheme. They affect everything in your home, from curb appeal to the interior quality of your garage, as well as the security and the safety of your family. For these reasons, you may want to consider different garage door designs to determine which option best suits the particular style of your house.

Residential garage door designs

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There are four general garage door designs:

Roller garage doors: have become the most popular residential garage doors. These doors use a drum just above the opening and are stored along with the roller when opened. The mechanism does not swing out during operation and is usually positioned behind the structural opening to maximize width and height when open. They are particularly suitable for garages and sheds where there is plenty of headroom above the opening and where a traditional look is required.

Sectional garage doors: Doors that look and act similar to roller doors, but don’t use rollers to operate. These doors are the most aesthetically adaptable to all garage doors, and are available in a range of colors, patterns and may also feature windows. Sectional doors can be made of wood and other materials, but are most commonly made of steel.

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Up-and-over garage doors: These garage doors – covers both retractable and canopy doors – swing out and up before being stored. You’ll need more space to make these doors work, but their simple one piece panel construction makes them very easy to use and provide both a low-effort and zero hassle operation.

Side hinged garage doors: They are the simplest and most traditional door design. Usually, they are double-doors that lock in the middle. Because they are simple in operation and easy to maintain over the years with minimal moving mechanical parts, they tend to be used in rural areas. It is a good alternative if there is no clearance inside your garage to allow for an up and over door.

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Remember to consider the doors’ material for better performance. Garage doors can be made of steel, aluminum, wood, wood composites, and fiberglass.

Need a new or replacement garage door?

If you are ready to get a new garage door or update your old garage door, our skilled professionals will help you determine which option is best for your home. As an Amarr master dealer, we offer our clients the highest quality in commercial and residential garage doors. Amarr is considered to be one of the leading designer and manufacturers of garage doors for all types of homes and businesses.

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