Getting a New Garage Door Opener

Today, homeowners have access to automated climate control, automated light settings, and high-tech security systems — it’s about time we start to embrace the smart garage door opener. No, not the remote-controlled garage doors we all already have. Smart garage door openers connect to your wifi, enabling you to use your phone to control your garage door, wherever you are.

Still not sure whether they’re worth buying? Here are a few reasons you should definitely consider installing a smart garage door opener in your Denver home.

Enhanced Security

Denver Colorado Garage Door Experts
With a smart opener, you’ll be able to close your garage door wherever you are.

Smart garage door openers give you peace of mind, especially if you’re someone who often forgets whether they remembered to close the garage door after leaving the house. If you did forget to close the door, your garage door opener will send you an automated alert. You can then close the door remotely via your cellphone. For added security, most smart openers come with optional security cameras that you can integrate into your phone app.


Are your kids coming home from school early while you’re out? Did your neighbor call you at work in order to ask to borrow a grass bag? No need to race home to help them out — all you need to do is log onto your smart garage door opener app and let them in!

Special Features

Smart garage door openers often come with a few different special features including temperature monitoring, carbon monoxide detection, and even park assist. You’ll never have to worry about accidentally hitting your yard tools again!

Are you in search of the best garage door opener for your home? Call the Colorado Overhead Door Company today for professional tips on today’s most reliable smart garage door openers. Give us a call at (720) 730 – 3629 or send us a message for more information. 


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